X-Jet M5 Long Range External Chemical Injection Nozzle


Any X-Jet will let you apply soap and rinse with the same nozzle without sending chemicals through your pump or hose. With the X-Jet M5, you can adjust the spray pattern from 5 to 60 degrees and project chemicals up to 40 feet or more.

Choose your orifice size based on your pump’s GPM: #13 for 4-6 GPM pumps; #16 for 6.5-8 GPM pumps; or #20 for 8+ GPM pumps.


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The X-Jet M5 includes color-coded proportioners to apply chemicals at different ratios and a proportioner chart.  You can also modify it so it’s performing like a downstream injector.  See video below.


Additional information

Weight 48 oz
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 5 in
Orifice size

#7 (2-2.5 GPM), #9(3-3.5 GPM), #13 (4-4.5 GPM), #16 (5-6.5 GPM), #20 (7-8 GPM), #25 (8.5+ GPM)


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