Wand Saver Plug


This handy quick-connect plug will help prevent the tips of your wands from snapping. The threading is inset one-half inch within the one-inch housing, so more of your wand is covered than with a standard plug, making the tip less likely to snap off. Available in 1/4-inch FPT.

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Wand Saver Plug

I highly recommend the Wand Saver Plug to everyone who buys an Aluminum Wand Pipe. The inventive design on this handy quick connects will help prevent damage to your wand pipes.

On most female-threaded quick connects, the threads continue right to the interior edge of the housing. That means that when you attach one to your wand extension, only the threads–the last 3/8″ or so–of the wand are covered by the quick connect. You can only tighten the plug to the end of those threads. This is the weakest point of the wand pipe. If you accidentally apply any pressure to the side of the plug, the housing will push against this weak point.  You can easily snap off the end of the pipe right at the edge of the plug–right at the end of the threads.

The threading of the Wand Saver Plug is inset within the plug housing. The unthreaded shaft extends another 3/8″ beyond the threads. This doubles the amount of pipe inside of the plug. So that same pressure would push the plug’s edge against the unthreaded portion of the aluminum wand, where it is much stronger and less likely to snap.

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