Topaz Compact Float Valve


Topaz Compact Float Valve



Topaz Compact Float Valve

If you have limited space in your water tank, think about a Jobe Topaz Compact Float Valve. Topaz Compact float valves are positive on/off and ideal when working with pump-supplied water in a small compartment.

The Topaz Compact allows you to set your ideal water level by controlling the float position. The Detachable Long Tail can be added, extended, or removed and offers a central float locating point that offers multiple mounting options for the float. At the float connecting point, you can also adjust the specific angle for the float, giving you even more control of your water level.

When the water level drops below the level you have set, it lowers the weighted float, opening the pilot valve. The pilot valve, in turn, operates the diaphragm valve, allowing water to flow into the tank. You can lock the valve shut with the locking switch.

The Topaz Compact valve features Jobe’s quick-connect Detach system, which allows you to clear the filter easily, without any tools. Re-attaching is simple, as well, and can even be done with the water flowing.

The high-flow Topaz is a great choice when you need a compact, robust valve. It must be mounted above the water. You can mount the valve to the tank using the seal washer and backing. Then all you need is a way to connect your water source. You can use either a threaded hose barb or the NPT/GHT adapter. The adapter converts the thread from 3/4″ NPT valve pipe thread to garden hose. If you prefer a hose barb, choose one with 3/4″ MPT threading.

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Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 6 in


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