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HILOW Tornado Bar 24 Inch

HILOW Tornado Bar 24 Inch

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Finally a surface cleaner bar that eliminates and or greatly reduces striping of concrete when using a Whisper Wash 24' surface cleaner.  The HILOW Tornado bar is custom made and fabricated in the USA. 

The Tornado Bars are amazingly faster than any 2 to 4 nozzle bars on the market. They are fabricated and custom made in America. Can be used on any 1 swivel surface cleaner for 8gpm or more. Also can be used on any 2 swivel surface cleaner using 16gpm or more.  

I have been using one on my 24" Lil Big Guy and love how much faster I can clean and so far no striping.

Here’s something you may not know about the Tornado Bars.

  • Each fitting is 6061 aluminum which is strong and doesn’t wear as fast as other bars.
  • Also the pipes are 3/8” galvanized and are cut to the specified size needed for each surface cleaner.
  • Once they are made and set with the proper angle, they are blown out and tested with the proper nozzles for whatever GPM.
  • They reduce streaking
  • They reduce etching
  • They reduce zebra stripes
  • You can walk faster cause they hit 4x each rotation
  • They are repairable(buy extra pipes)
  • Balanced which helps the swivel speed
  • Use less water per square feet of cleaning
  • Made and Fabricated by HiLow Solutions

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