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DOUGIE FRESH Surfactant 1 Gallon

Dougie Fresh SDS

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DOUGIE FRESH Cleaner 1 Gallon

Surfactant – Foamer – Cleaner

Contains Nano-Technology, The Future of Cleaning
DOUGIE FRESH is an ultra-concentrated blend of readily bio-
degradable surfactants that enhances foaming, adds cling to vertical
surfaces, and even more importantly, boosts cleaning effectiveness
of roof- and house-wash mixes. Rinses easily and spot-free.
Formulated as an effective stand-alone cleaner, DOUGIE FRESH
out-cleans single-molecule surfactants for roof- and house-wash
mixes. Its multiple synergistic surfactant molecules and water-
conditioning agents work together to produce a thick, clingy foam
and penetrate soils for easier removal. DOUGIE FRESH is so
versatile that when diluted, it can be used as a hand car-wash soap
or in place of any other high-foaming general-purpose cleaner.
DOUGIE FRESH contains no thickeners or rheology modifiers to
make it appear more concentrated. This makes it much easier to mix
and use and much more concentrated than other products that are
artificially thickened.

CAUTION: Concentrate may cause eye and skin irritation. Wear
protective eye and skin gear. Do not ingest. Keep away from
children. In case of physical contact, remove contaminated clothing
and flush with soap and water.

IMPORTANT: Read Safety Data Sheet before use.


DIRECTIONS FOR USE: As with all cleaning products, test an
inconspicuous area to ensure surface integrity and colorfastness.
This is a concentrate. Must be diluted with water before use. Dilution may
be achieved through direct mixing or metering via application
systems allowing for concentrated product to be mixed as it is being
used. Dilution rates will vary.

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