Dougie Fresh Surfactant

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Dougie Fresh Surfactant

Dougie Fresh Surfactant–the soap that started it all!

Doug has been using this ultra-concentrated surfactant for years, long before opened. And he likes it so well, he would use it even if it didn’t bear his name. What does he like about it? First, he loves how well it cleans and how easily it rinses, virtually spot-free! He also likes the versatility! He can use it for roofs, houses, cars–and anything else he needs to clean!

Dougie Fresh takes advantage of the science of nanotechnology. That means it was developed on the molecular level. Its molecules work together to cling to vertical surfaces and penetrate soils. Another plus–those molecules are biodegradable, so they won’t harm the environment.

Additionally, this soap contains no fillers or thickeners, so you’re only paying for highly concentrated surfactant. That means it’s a great value–plus, that makes it easier to mix and use than other products that use artificial thickeners. It also means you must add water in order for it to work.

Using Dougie Fresh surfactant: Whether you are mixing it directly into your bleach tank or using a soap tank and running it through your Kingslinger, mix at 1/2-1 ounce per gallon of bleach or water.  Adjust according to your preference.

Questions about using Dougie Fresh? Shoot us an email at or call or text us at 281-612-1223.

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Weight 144 oz
Dimensions 13 × 7 × 7 in
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1 review for Dougie Fresh Surfactant

  1. gmcguy700 (verified owner)

    Thanks for the awesome Surfactant it smells good and works really good too.

    • Doug Rucker

      Thanks so much, glad you like, It’s the only surfactant I use.

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