Check Valve for Downstream Chemical Injectors


Check Valve for Downstream Chemical Injectors




Check Valve for Downstream Chemical Injectors

For quite some time I have been using this Check Valve for my General Pump Downstream Chemical Injectors. These not only help the injectors last longer, since we are removing the ball and spring, but they also actually make the mix a little stronger. We have been able to clean some porous surfaces that have the black algae stains on them a little faster than using the injectors how they come. I highly recommend using these on your injectors. See video below for instructions and how to use. The injector I use on all my machines is the 2.1 3-5GPM HERE.

The fitting on these that connect to the injector are specially made for the General Pump Hi Draw Injector, and will not fit any other injector. Please don’t try to install on these on any other injector.  You will break the fitting. 

We now offer these check valves in two models: the RS6740CV, with the all-stainless fittings for $110, and the RS6741CV, a more economical version with brass fittings for $75. I have been using brass for a while now and they have been working out great for me.

Like anything with bleach running through it, the internals of these valves will eventually go bad. You can be prepared for that by adding to your order the check valve repair kit. This will allow you to make in-the-field repair so you limit down time.

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Additional information

Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 5 × 1 × 1 in

RS6740CV (All Stainless Fittings), RS6741CV (Brass Fittings/Stainless Valve)


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