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Bulkhead Fittings

Bulkhead Fittings

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Safely plumb  your Kingslinger to your tank using our quality Bulkhead Fittings. First, remove the locknuts from the fitting body and measure the exterior diameter. Cut a hole that size through the wall of your tank. Attach the locknuts to compress the gaskets and make a leak-proof seal. (If only one locknut, nut goes on interior of tank.) Hand-tighten the locknuts until tight, then tighten with a wrench for 1/4 to 1/2 turn more. Don't over-tighten to avoid distorting the gasket and causing leaks.

Size of Bulkhead Fitting refers to interior diameter of fitting body. This should match the threading of whatever fitting you use to connect your hose (threaded hose barb, for example). So a 1/2" bulkhead would work for a 1/2"MPT threaded hose barb.

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