We have several new X-JET UPDATES to share with you from the Doug Rucker Store for 2024.  There are new products we want you to be aware of, as well as tips for modifying your X-JET.  So in this video, it's an "ALL THINGS X-JET 2024" overview for our new and long time valued customers.  Our primary passion is helping new and existing power wash business contractors maximize their resources to increase profitability.  I have well over thirty years of experience field testing thousands of products, tools, attachments and professional grade equipment.  And I always enjoy passing what I've learned along the way to you, which reduces your learning curve.  Be sure and leave any questions you might have either in the blog post or video comments section.  It's a great way for us to experience personal interaction!


Many of our customers already own the X-JET CHEMICAL INJECTION NOZZLE, which comes as a complete kit.  The kit includes the X-JET M5 along with an 8 foot hose and two way barb valve.  The other end has a metal screen filter which I suggest removing.  And you may want to also consider the X-Jet Pail System.  At the 5:00 time stamp, I demonstrate moving the orifice from the nozzle side closer to the gun.  This allows you to use various lower pressure nozzles to both apply and rinse.  At 5:46, there's actually a video comparison to see the difference between modified and not modified.  It eliminates some of the mist and provides a tighter downstream flow.


The newer X-JET UPDATES products include a QUICK CONNECT SET.  I provide instructions in detail for this at the 6:15 time stamp, so be sure and watch the entire video.  It has step by step instructions for all installing and using this brand new item.  It's a very simple, very easy process to follow but results in maximum efficiency on every job.  There is another newer product which is a new, longer 100 foot hose.  It is clear and more flexible and is not braided like the previous hose.  This is a great feature for cold weather work.  Remember as you are buying products, you have a choice between DIY or RTU.  DIY simply means do it yourself and allows to save a little money but putting it together yourself.  Or, you can choose ready to use and we will do the assembly part.  If you are interested in live, in person training, check out our monthly events.  Thank you again for all of your feedback and comments!


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