Should I use Dawn Soap for Pressure Washing?

Should I use Dawn Soap for Pressure Washing?

Recently, an email came in asking "Should I use Dawn Soap fro Pressure Washing?"  This is a great question, and I always try to answer questions through videos to help others asking the same question.  Many years ago when I first started in this business, I did use Dawn Soap.  The reason we would use it was it was a soap marker, which is what the folks I learned from taught me.  Back in those days, we added Dawn Soap to liquid chlorine.  I never really any problems or issues using Dawn Soap for pressure washing.  And I knew many guys that used Dawn Soap for pressure washing many years ago.  In fact, for many of them, adding Dawn Soap to bleach was the only cleaning solution they used.



I do remember noticing something for any bleach that sat for more than a day or two with Dawn in it.  The Dawn would kill the bleach.  The bleach became very watery, lost its smell as well as its ability to clean effectively.  But over the years, new surfactants came out and I have tried and tested almost all of them.  Today, the surfactant that I use predominantly is Dougie Fresh, which is available on my online store.  It does a great job with windows.  Our King's Kling roof and house surfactant is a great way to mask the smell of bleach.  RAP is another great one that we carry.  I also understand that some guys like to use Gain laundry soap.  I tried this myself but really did not like the result at all.  If left things looking hazy overall and did not do well on windows.


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