Power Wash Startup

Pressure Washing Startup Rig

Have you ever wondered what a Pressure Washing Startup Rig might look like?  Perhaps you are considering starting your power wash business and aren't sure where to start.  You have come to the right place!  In this video post, we highlight a "mini rig" for a customer that is new to the business.  There is a complete walk through of all the equipment which begins with a water fill hose plumbed to the water tank.  And 200 feet of fierce jet hose for pressure washing.  Both of these are on Hannay manual reels.  And of course, he is getting a Flow Pro Remote Bypass System for downstreaming.  This saves so much time and effort on every job that you do not want to start your business without it!


This Pressure Washing Startup Rig comes with two tanks, one for water and one for bleach.  These are each 50 gallon slimline tanks that fit perfectly at the front of the truck skid which is where you want the most weight.  This custom rig comes with a surface cleaner holder on top and a pressure washer just beneath.  All of this is for Ted's Ford pick up truck who also appears in this video at the 1:35 time stamp.  Ted and his sons attended my monthly hands on training event in Houston and are not fully trained and equipped.  This Pressure Washing Startup Rig is what I call a "nice little money making rig." And this is the ideal set up to start your own pressure washing business.


Please keep in mind that all of our builds are completely custom made for your needs and to fit your budget.  This means we build not just truck skids, but also van and trailer builds whether open or enclosed.  Take a look at this particular Kingslinger Soft Wash Skid Set Up and see if it might work for you!  We hope this Pressure Washing Startup Rig video has been helpful for you.  If so, you should also check out my plumbing a pressure washer video post as well.

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