This video post from Doug Rucker Store is about INSTALLING A FLOAT VALVE.  Our Topaz Compact Float Valve goes right into your water tank.  It will automatically stop the water supply flowing into the tank once its full.  This is the only float valve we sell at The Doug Rucker Store.   We had continual issues with the Hudson float valve so a few years ago we switched to the Jobe float valve.  These allow more water in the tank and are far more dependable.  At the 1:15 time stamp, you can see precisely what it looks like inside the water tank.


We start with the water hose reel to demonstrate installing a float valve at 2:00.  I go over all the connections in detail to assist those who desire to save money by installing it yourself.  It can be installed on either the top of the tank or on the side.  But we do recommend installing a float valve on top of the water tank whenever possible.  This facilitates the largest amount of water in the water tank.  Another great feature of the Jobe over the Hudson is they fill much faster.  The size of the hole saw to drill all depends on the size of the bulkhead you use.  We have two different bulkhead brands so you'll determine the drill hole size according to the size of the bulkhead.  Installing a float valve could also be done in the lid as well.


If you have any questions about installing a float valve, don't hesitate to reach out.  You could email or just leave a comment here directly on this post.  Check out all of our upcoming training events here.  We are looking forward to power wash and parking lot stripe training in Atlanta, Georgia June 20-22.  Check out the details here.  We also provide training on demand through the online video school.

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