How To Replace Honda GX690 Fuse

How To Replace Honda GX690 Fuse

Are trying to figure out How To Replace Honda GX690 Fuse?  If so, this video post is perfect for you!  I'm Doug Rucker and my passion is helping pressure washing business pros start and grow their business.  In addition to my commercial power wash service in Houston, I also provide training and equipment.  Sometimes, the Honda GX690 won't start.  This video post is the result of a question from one of our viewers asking for more details from an earlier video.  We sure hope this video about How To Replace Honda GX690 Fuse helps if you experience this issue.



It's really amazing that something so small as a fuse can stop work on a job and ruin your day.  But these are the kinds of thinks we like to prepare you for.  It's just a small 30 amp fuse, and it's hidden from view behind the key switch.  I have experienced with this first hand both with a cold start and even when trying to restart on a job after turning it off.  The usual first assumption is a dead battery but it's important to consider the fuse first.  So for How To Replace Honda GX690 Fuse, you'll need a 10 mm socket.  There are two screws behind the key switch to remove.  One is on top and the other is right beneath it.  This will detach the key switch box from the engine.  At the 5:15 time stamp, you'll see one phillips-head screw that you also need to remove. You then remove a wire harness band which looks like a big o-ring.



There is a small case or fuse holder that you can access.  At this point, pull the 30 amp fuse out and replace it with a new 30 amp fuse.  Then check to see if starting is successful.  I also suggest leaving the fuse holder hanging outside for easy access if this occurs again.  And of course, keep spare fuses with you on hand somewhere with your rig.  This way, you won't lose any time on the job due to such a small and easy maintenance fix.  Be sure and watch the entire video for all the little tricks and details I provide.  And leave a comment if you have experienced this issue and if this video post was helpful in resolving it.
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