About Us

about us

10 years ago I began the Pressure Washing, Soft Washing, and Roof Cleaning School here in Houston, Texas. In fact many people do no know this about us. We were the first school to ever offer actual hands on training, offering those that were starting a pressure washing business, the opportunity to learn cleaning techniques and pressure washing equipment on an actual job site, as well as classroom training. Later I added an online video school, for those not able to travel to the Houston, Texas area, but still had a desire to learn about starting a power washing business.

One of the things about us, we have always done, as part of our pressure washing training, is assisting in equipment selection, referring students to vendors that could supply what was needed. Well, I am pleased to announce that we can now supply you with any pressure washing equipment to start your business.

DougRuckerStore.com is here to help you with any Pressure Washing and Soft Washing equipment, parts, and supplies you need to start your pressure washing and soft washing business. Our goal is to be your one stop shop for everything you need as you start your new pressure washing business.