VANISH Graffiti & Paint Remover


Turns the thickest spraycan graffiti into soap!



VANISH Graffiti & Paint Remover is a highly effective, economical, and BIODEGRADABLE remover for bare brick, stone and masonry applications. VANISH Graffiti & Paint Remover will remove all types of paints from porous stone and concrete surfaces including cinderblock, split faceblock, and exposed aggregate. Safe and effective to use on all types of natural stone (such as limestone, granite, and marble), stainless steel, trees, plastics and playground equipment. Uses include the removal of thicker acrylic paints, paint spills and larger tags sprayed up with a fire extinguisher or super soaker. Also recommended for the removal of unwanted, old, or vandalized murals. Alternative uses include removal of adhesive from carpet and tile floors and the removal of sealants and graffiti coatings which have deteriorated with age.

Features & Benefits

  • Virtually odorless and non toxic.
  • Stays wetter longer, ensuring maximum dwell time, making it ideal for hot weather removals.
  • Easily rinsed with a small pressure washer requiring very little rinsing water. (Any resultant run off is a readily biodegradable gray water soap which can be left to biodegrade, recycled, or further diluted for use in gardens etc.)
  • No shadows, no damage, no harsh scrubbing required.
  • Safe and effective for removals on asphalt /bitumen roads, as it will not affect the bitumen.

Product Use Instructions 

For typical removal jobs on graffiti and other paint.
Apply several coats of VANISH Graffiti & Paint Remover by brush, broom or spray onto the graffiti and allow several minutes dwell time between coats at least, but the longer you can leave it on the graffiti as a wet mess, then the better results and easier it will be to rinse away (just like soaking a burnt saucepan overnight).

Agitate with a soft nylon brush between coats and rinse with a pressure washer or scrubbing brush and water.

The main thing is patience. Paint removal can be tedious if you try to rush things. After all, you only want to do this job once, if possible. Ideally use 1500 – 2000 PSI with a 15º or 25º fan jet at about 6 inches from the surface. Do not blast or use ‘turbo’ type nozzles which risk doing damage. When rinsing dissolved graffiti with a pressure washer, try to remove a LITTLE of the graffiti from the bottom of the tag without wetting the whole area. If satisfied, then proceed to full scale. Wash the whole area from top to bottom.

Remember If the remover has not done its job, then no amount of ‘blasting’ will fix the problem. Failures are usually a result of not flood coating adequately and not leaving product on long enough and cannot be resolved by blasting too close or at higher pressures.

For removing carpet and tile glue.

Apply VANISH Graffiti & Paint Remover and leave on as long as needed. Scrape up as much dissolved glue as possible before pressure washing with hot water.

Coverage Guidelines

1 gallon of Vanish Graffiti & Paint Remover will remove approx.:

  • 200 sq ft (per threecoats on typical graffiti) for concrete
  • 80 – 100sq ft on sandstone, limestone or other soft absorbent surfaces or on thicker paints where additional coats are required.

Varies dependent upon the porosity of the surface, material, and the type of paint being removed.

Additional information

Weight 113 oz
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 12 in


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