The Original Shooter Tip



The Original Shooter Tip




The Original Shooter Tip 

When selecting shooter tips, I use both The Original Shooter Tip and the Sling Shot shooter tip.  I find that these two give me all I need in shooter tips.


  • Use for Soft Washing via Down Streaming and Soft Washing with Dedicated Pump
  • Can be used on 5-8 GPM Pressure Washers
  • Easily Reach 3-4 stories depending on wind
  • No More Ladders or Lifts on 3-4 story buildings
  • This is the only shooter tip I use and recommend

1/4 inch plug sold separately, order one if you need it. Part#RS4602

The Original Shooter Tip was designed for soft washing using a pressure washer on tall buildings but can also be used on a Dedicated Pump.  Can be used to apply your bleach mix or for rinsing when the mix is turned off.

I have an awesome Online Pressure Washing School that is perfect if you are just starting a pressure washing business.  You can also get some great tips at my You Tube Channel.

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Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 5 × 1 × 1 in


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