Suttner Sludge Pump


Suttner Sludge Pump

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Suttner Sludge Pump

When you attach the Suttner Sludge Pump to your pressure washer, your pressure washer transforms into a high output pump. Now you’re equipped for flood cleanup, car wash pits, draining pools, or chemical spills. You can clean up solutions and mixtures without the risk of pump damage. Every contractor should have a Suttner Sludge Pump ready to use. If you’d like to connect the pump to 1/4 inch wands or guns you’ll need to add this to your order. Sludge Pump Conversion Kit

Suttner Sludge Pump

It sounds like magic, but it’s actually science. The water flowing through the high pressure nozzle creates a venturi effect, which is basically suction. This powerful suction vacuums up slurry solutions and allows debris as large as 3/4″ to pass through the casting and out the discharge hose.

Now you can vacuum up liquids and sludge at a high ratio. With clean water under ideal conditions, you can suction at a ratio up to 11:1; with a 5.5GPM pressure washer, that would translate to 55GPM. In the field, the ratio will vary depending on pressure, flow, and viscosity.

We have the 1-1/2″ Tiger Flex hose you will need to go along with the pump.

I have an awesome Online Pressure Washing School that is perfect if you are just starting a pressure washing business. You can also get some great tips at my YouTube Channel.

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