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Surface Mount Hour Meter

Surface Mount Hour Meter

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Take the guesswork out of your scheduled preventative maintenance and extend the life of your machines. Install a GDI Surface Mount Hour Meter with Flash Alerts, and it will let you know what to service and when.

Like clockwork, you'll get an alert to CHANGE OIL every 25 hours and LUBE every 25 hours. You can easily reset the alarms after performing the required service.

No batteries required. Connect the meter directly to the spark plug of your pressure washer, compressor, or other gas-powered machine. You'll find the necessary hardware--wire, sheet metal screws, and zip tie-- included with the meter. Follow the simple instructions on the back of the package. The meter mounts easily with tools you already have on hand--just a 1/8" drill bit and a Phillips screwdriver. No wire stripping or soldering.

Mount the GDI Surface Mount Hour Meter with the enclosed metal screws or double-sided tape. Make sure the mounting location will not exceed 150°F. Avoid drilling or puncturing gas tanks, fuel lines, or any other hazardous materials containers.

When you keep High Performance Lubricants Heavy Duty Motor Oil on hand, you'll be prepared when in it's time to change the oil.


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