Reach It Mini Starter Pack


Reach It Mini Starter Pack



Reach It Mini Starter Pack


MINI REACH-iT POLE: 100% Carbon Fiber 

(100% Standard Grade)

What is the length of the Mini Pole? 

REACH-IT MINI is 25ft actual length, giving you 30ft reach (compare to other brands marked ’30ft’) and it pulls apart at 14ft and 4ft to make a lighter, more nimble pole as you clean lower.

BRUSH: You choose 1 from 5 different options





Please Note: Does not include CR2450 battery due to air transportation regulations. USA customers will receive with battery from our warehouse in Kansas City.

We Recommend: Sealing the battery compartment with electrical tape.

REACH-IT MINI – our flagship pole 2011-2018

While MINI has been upgraded to TACTICAL for Professional Window Cleaners, MINI is an awesome pole for ground to 3 stories – basic RESIDENTIAL work, and GUTTER SCRUBBING.

With so many Window Cleaners and Pressure Washers wanting our ALL-ROUNDER and WINDOW WEAPON brushes, fitting them to other brand poles, but not enjoying all the benefits of connecting to a Reach-iT Pole, we are going to make MINI available as an affordable STARTER PACK. It’s so critical to use a rigid pole!

Your Window Cleaning pole is effectively a DRIVESHAFT between your body and the brush, and an AXLE between your wrist and the swivel (we call it SIDE 2 SIDE) on the brush. Using a flexing pole reduces the precision and efficiency of the Operator, and should be discouraged.

REACH-IT MINI is 25ft actual length, giving you 30ft reach (compare to other brands marked ’30ft’) and it pulls apart at 14ft and 4ft to make a lighter, more nimble pole as you clean lower.

MINI STARTER is available with 5 brush options – a 12″ ALL-ROUNDER, a 16″ ALL-ROUNDER, a 12″ WINDOW WEAPON (for low-profile window frames) or a 12.5″ WINDOW WEAPON DEEP FRAME, all fitted with our new HYDRO-BLADE-2!

For TUBE, you get 75FT of RHINO HI-FLO – delivering maximum water flow up the pole to your brush.

Later, you can add any accessories and other REACH-IT brushes, compatible with TACTICAL.

To get you started, we are including one DI TANK which will deliver spot-free water in soft water areas. If your local water is over TDS 100, you will need a second DI TANK, and, if your water TDS is over 250, you will benefit from using the DRIVE-THRU CARWASH METHOD (wash the windows and frames with tap water, and polish them spot-free with DI WATER in a second pass – just 5-10 seconds per window).

If you are in USA, you even get 1/4 CU FT of ATOMIC RESIN! (delivered separately)

Your kit will include CHECK-IT, our TDS METER that mounts straight under the brush – this way you always know you have spot-free water at the brush.

Not included : (non-USA buyers ATOMIC RESIN), CR2450 BATTERY for CHECK-IT, and hose from spigot to DI TANK(s) and hose to move water around the property, connecting to HI-FLO (you could choose RHINO FLAT HOSE for this – it’s amazingly light, non-kink, and self purging).

Get MINI STARTER PACK on KLARNA, choose ‘PAY-IN-4, and pay it off in 4 fortnightly installments , with no credit check (for purchases under $1000) – apply when you Checkout in our store!

Be sure to check out our Pressure Washer Training School

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Additional information

Weight 416 oz
Dimensions 27 × 25 × 14 in


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