Pressure Washer’s Starter Bundle

Everything you need to get started in the pressure washing industry.  All items purchased and priced separately.  Click on the drop down boxes to choose what equipment you want.  Then your total will be listed.



Pressure Washer’s Starter Bundle

It seems like every day, someone calls to ask what Doug would recommend for someone just getting started in the business. Doug realized he was always recommending the same equipment, so he came up with this Pressure Washer’s Starter Bundle.

This bundle gives you everything you’ll need to get your business rolling: professional quality pressure washer, hose, gun, surface cleaner, and nozzles.

For starters, we recommend a 4GPM or 5GPM BE pressure washer. These belt-driven machines feature Honda GX390 engines and are available as portable or skid-mounted. Additionally, these pressure washers come with industrial-grade accessories like a 50-foot pressure hose and a 36″ gun wand, so you’ll be able to get started right away.

Next, Doug suggests a surface cleaner. If you’re going to do flat work on a regular basis, you definitely want a surface cleaner. These come as “floaters” or with casters (wheels). There’s no right or wrong about wheels or not; every pressure washer has his or her preference. Doug has some of each. If you’re just starting out, 16″ or 20″ is a good size.

You’ll probably want to add a pressure hose, either 50′ or 100′. Doug uses one-wire pressure hose because it’s lighter than two-wire hose. Remember that the pressure washer comes with a 50′ hose. And to make connecting to that hose simpler, get a set of quick connects for each hose. This will really simplify adding a hose or changing guns.

The last component of our Pressure Washer’s Starter Bundle is a JROD nozzle kit. The JROD is simply a quick connect that can hold four nozzles at once. When you’re ready to switch from soap to rinse, you just connect the gun to a different plug on the JROD. The kits we sell include two soap nozzles (one high and one low) and two rinse nozzles (one high and one low).

Since you’re serious about this pressure washing venture…check out Doug’s Pressure Cleaning School. Shorten your learning curve and take this from an expensive hobby to a profitable business!


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