P40 Soft Wash System


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P40 Soft Wash System

This is the popular Comet P40 Soft Wash System and uses low pressure but high volumes of water.  Mix with specific detergents or your bleach mix for Soft Wash applications.  Can be used for cleaning roofs, wood siding and fences, stucco, brick, and other vertical or flat surfaces.  Thus unit has the HondaGX200 engine, and produces 200 PSI at 11GPM.  Spraying straight out with a shooter style nozzle or wash down gun, you can get 50-60 feet depending on wind. Spraying vertical, you’ll lose 10-15% of your distance.

The P40 Soft Wash System can easily be mounted to any trailer and is also truck mount ready.

  • 200 PSI
  • 11 GPM
  • Honda GX200
  • Comet Diaphragm P40/20
  • Seals are Viton
  • Hardware is Stainless Steel
  • Frame is Aluminum
  • Weight is 80 Lbs
  • Dimensions are 30 x 23 x 21
  • Recoil Pull Start

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Weight 720 oz
Dimensions 30 × 23 × 21 in


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