Low Pressure Wash Down Gun


Low Pressure Wash Down Gun RSYG1635S



Low Pressure Wash Down Gun RSYG1635S

Low Pressure Wash Down Gun used mainly for applications in food processing facilities, beverage and brewing plants, agriculture and dairy, fire suppression and more.  For soft washing I recommend only using for rinsing and not applying your mix.  Used with a high volume low pressure dedicated pump, this gun can cause you to apply way more mix to a surface than what is needed.  You will use way more mix than is needed and increase your risk of property damage.  Flooding your surfaces with a high volume of mix is not needed. I do not own one of these, and really don’t recommend them.  BUT, I can see it being a great tool for high volume rinsing.

If you are starting a pressure washing business, check out my Online Pressure Washing Training. For Soft Washing equipment check out our KINGSLINGER HERE. And in the video below.


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Weight 40 oz
Dimensions 11 × 8 × 3 in


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