Five Around Post Card



Five Around Post Card #FAPCFIve Around Post Card



Five Around Post Card 

Here is an awesome marketing piece to use while you’re on the job.  Five arounds are used to tag homes on either side and across the street from the home you are cleaning. Simply fill out your information on one side, and then list pricing for service(s) on the other.  I usually only list a driveway cleaning or a house wash.  I rarely ever fill the whole services side out.  Listing too much at a high price can dissuade a customer from calling you.

The Fie Around Post Card come in packs of 100 so you can test them out to see how they work.  Once you are happy with the response you get, you can order some with your company info and logo on them. Check out the video below.

I have an awesome Online Pressure Washing School that is perfect if you are just starting a pressure washing business.  You can also get some great tips at my You Tube Channel.

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