Euro-ACME Thread Adapter


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Euro-ACME Thread Adapter

You know you can screw your Gutter Tool onto a broom or painter’s pole. Wouldn’t it be convenient to combine it with the reach of the your water fed pole? But the two have different types of threading, so they are not compatible. Enter the Euro-ACME Thread Adapter.

In the US, most brooms, painting poles, and other tool handles have what is called acme threading. The tools that screw onto those poles–broom or mop heads, paint rollers, rakes–use acme threading, too. Water fed poles, however, use Euro screw threading. The two are not compatible. Euro threads tend to be closer together and have a different pitch than acme threads. 

Our adapter has both types of threading. The male threads are acme, just like your painter’s pole. That means your Gutter Tool or cobweb duster, etc., will screw securely onto the adapter. The female threading (where you insert the pole) has Euro threads, the same as your water fed pole. So it will screw securely onto the water fed pole.

Now you can reach cobwebs or gutters thirty feet high while you keep both feet on the ground. Depending upon which pole and which extensions you have, you may be able to reach forty, fifty, even sixty feet high. All without stepping on a ladder.

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