Downstream Remote System



Downstream Remote System




Downstream Remote System


The Schertz Box Downstream Remote System for Pressure Washing is designed for downstream injectors. We also offer a separate model designed for use with a 12V or Air Diaphragm Soft Wash System.  This downstream remote system eliminates running back and forth to the truck to change from your chemical mix to rinse water.  It will also help extend the life of your injector, as it rinses the injector every time you are in rinse mode. The very visible LED light lets you know when you are in soap/chemical mode.  This product is made in the USA and comes with a 6-months parts and labor warranty on the unit and a 1-year workmanship warranty.


Downstream Remote System

While the remote can reach 1/4 mile pretty flawlessly if no obstructions, I would expect 600 feet with obstructions.

The remote is not warrantied, so you may want to consider ordering additional remotes.  Remotes can easily break from dropping. Employees can lose them. They can place them on back of trailer then forget and take off, etc.

I use the Downstream Remote System for Pressure Washing and have been extremely pleased and AMAZED at the performance.  I ordered one and tested it for a couple weeks–and then quickly ordered more for our other rigs.  Make sure you have a pressure washer that has a battery on some way to provide low voltage power to the Schertz Box.

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