Dougenator Mix Master DMM4

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Dougenator Mix Master DMM4



Dougenator Mix Master DMM4

The Dougenator Mix Master is a metering valve system designed to mix and meter your bleach, water, and soap for House Washing and Roof Cleaning and eliminate the need for batch-mixing and guessing your mix ratio.

The Dougenator Mix Master comes assembled with 4 metering valves so that you can add other solutions to be metered.  A user could have a degreaser product like DougOut or my all-purpose cleaner like RAP, or any other product that you may use frequently and allow it to be metered through your dedicated pump like your roof cleaning or house washing solution.

Dougenator Settings

Mix settings on the dougenator:  When the water dial is on 5 and the bleach dial on 5, you are using a 50/50 mix.  Always use the dougenator with the water on 5. You want to get full flow of water at all times.  The only time you adjust the water down, is if you need a stronger mix than 50/50.

To adjust my bleach %, I always go by the numbers of 1=10%, 2=20%, 3=30%-etc. While this may not be exact on the number % you are getting, it is a guide that I follow.  You really have to play around with the settings to get them to the desired mix you like for various surfaces that you will clean.  Porous, really dirty surfaces like roofs, stucco, brick, etc will require a stronger mix, like 30%-50%, while smooth surfaces like vinyl, hardie, metal, etc will require lighter mixes, like 10%-20%.  Again you just have to play around with it as you use it to figure out what settings work for you.  The type of surface you are cleaning and the degree of staining will determine the mix percentage you will use.  Green Algae comes off easy and requires a lower percentage. Black mildew stains require stronger percentage.  

For the surfactant setting, the smaller diameter hose you use the better.  I’ve never needed to put my soap dial on more than 2. Using to much soap, can cause longer rinsing time. It can also cause longer cleaning times. I suggest you use 1/4 or 3/8 hose for your surfactant tank.  Presently I do not use the surfactant valve on my Kingslinger.  I add my surfactant to my bleach.  My surfactant valve is capped off, and is ready to use as a spare should one of the metering or check valve fails. It is also available to use to apply some other type of chemical like a degreaser, liquid plant food if needed. I use my third valve most often for applying my RAP all purpose cleaner because I can use it for gutter brightening, degreasing, or cleaning areas I don’t want to use bleach, and a lot of other uses.

Using Kingskling surfactant: Whether you are mixing it directly into your bleach tank, or using a surfactant tank and running through the Dougenator, mix at 1 ounce per gallon of bleach or water.  Adjust accordingly to your liking. 

Please make sure you watch the video’s below on Installing Dougenator Fittings and Attaching Dougenator Fittings that come with your Dougenator.  If you over tighten the fittings and crack the valves you will be responsible for purchasing new valve(s) so follow the instructions closely.  We do not attach the outlet fittings because we do know the direction you may want them. If you’d like us to install them, we can, but we will install them all pointing straight behind the valve. You must let us know this in the notes of your order.


As always, if you have any questions call or text the store at 346-364-7573.  This number is monitored during store hours only. Monday-Friday 9-12, and 1-3pm, Fridays 9-12. Closed most Holidays. If you call or text outside of those hours we will return your message during our normal business hours.


Additional information

Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 8 in
Inlet Size

1/2", 3/4"

Outlet Size

1/2", 3/4"

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Charles A Lyons Jr

    This stuff is super easy to use. Once I got it calibrated to my spec with my machines, the rest was easy. Just drive up pull your hose out and turn the knobs to my setting amd start washing right away. No guessing game and will be buy two more for my other trucks. Great product!!

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