The BATGuard™ Pro offers a common sense, inexpensive, and environmentally friendly solution for environmental compliance.

That solution is simply ground-level filtration and onsite treatment.

The Smart Sponge used in the BATGuard™ Pro is the same media used in cities all across the nation to filter oil, heavy metals and sediment in catch basins IN their storm drains.

Lifespan – BATGuard™ Pro is made for up to 130 uses. Most competitors are either one-time use, or they are made to block the water rather than filter it. BATGuard™ Pro is designed for professional cleaners at flow rates commonly used in the industry, from 5.5 GPM to 20 GPM.

2) Filtration – BATGuard™ Pro is made with proven internals that capture oils, heavy metals, suspended solids and debris. Most competitors capture one or the other, or force you to have to buy different models to deal with different contaminants. Some float on water allowing contaminants to go underneath the boom. The BATGuard™ Pro is weighted in a way that not only keeps it on the ground, but encourages the water to take a path that exposes the runoff to every part of the filtration media.

3) Disposal – BATGuard™ Pro captures oils at the molecular level. You couldn’t squeeze the oil out if you ran over it with a truck. That is why it is landfill-friendly. Polypropylene only products cannot make that claim.



Additional information

Weight 240 oz
Dimensions 25 × 12 × 4 in


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