8 GPM Skid Pressure Washer


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8 GPM Skid Pressure Washer

This cold water 8 GPM Skid Pressure Washer is built to last. The belt drive system coupled with heavy duty engines and pumps produces durable and long-lasting pressure washers that you can depend on for countless hours of work. The average homeowner won’t pick this unit up at a big box store. This is for the professional.

Comes standard with electric start. You will need to supply the positive and negative wire for hooking up to your battery.  We suggest 6 gauge wire. You’ll need a red for positive and black for ground, along with the appropriate connectors.

Honda GX690 engine OHV design for increased efficiency and optimal power transfers. External unloader. Belt drive triplex pump forged brass manifold with a thermal relief valve. Rubber feet reduce vibration. Bolt-through design for mounting to truck or trailers. Belt drive dual belt-drive system for longer pump and engine life. Aluminum belt guard.

Designed for industrial users who depend on their pressure washer system every day to quickly tackle every job thrown at them.


  • GPM: 8.0
  • PSI: 3500
  • Electric Start
  • Displacement: 690cc Honda GX690
  • Triplex Pump: GENERAL TSF2021
  • Unloader: VRT100
  • Engine Oil SAE 10W30
  • Pump Oil 30W Non-Detergent
  • Low Engine Oil Shutdown
  • Quick Connector Fittings
  • Weight 165 lbs
  • Dimensions are W-14 x L-24 x H-20/12

Not included:

  • Battery/Battery Box
  • 6 Gauge Wiring from Starter to Battery
  • Gas Tank

Limited warranties:

  • 3 year Honda GX Engine
  • 5 year Triplex Pump
  • Lifetime Frame


If freight cost is less than $450, we will refund the difference. If it exceeds $450, we will invoice you for the balance. We can reduce freight charges if we can deliver to a commercial address with a dock or forklift. Alternatively, if you can pick up at the nearest terminal, that will also reduce charges. We will provide you with quotes for both door-to-door and door-to-terminal delivery.

Use our contact page for questions. Also be sure to check out our Pressure Washing School for training if you are starting a pressure washing business.

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Weight 3792 oz
Dimensions 32 × 25 × 27 in


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