Best Pressure Washing Soap

Best Pressure Washing Soap

For a little over 2 years now, I have been testing what I consider the best pressure washing soap.  When I say the “best,” I mean the best I personally have used.  In my testing during these two years, I wanted to make sure that it would do everything I thought the best pressure washing soap should do.

My new Dougie Fresh soap, is designed specifically for house washing and roof cleaning.  You will love how easy this soap rinses off surfaces, leaves windows almost spot and streak free, and how very little you need to use, which will save you a lot of money over many of the other choices out there.  It is designed to boost the cleaning power of your mixture, so that you use less bleach, and less soap, but still get the cleaning power you need.

When Down Streaming, we use a 5 GPM machine, and will use full strength 12.5% S.H.  We only add about 1 ounce to that bucket.  We’ve found this is the best mixture for us, but you’ll need to play around with it, to see how best you like it.  Dougie Fresh is very easy to rinse off a surface.  But remember, if you add to much to your mix, it can slow you down and also delay the cleaning.  To much soap, no matter what brand, can actually cause the cleaning to go slower, so you have to find the right mix for you. Remember, Use Less-Clean Better.

Dougie Fresh Surfactant 1 GallonWhen using our dedicated pump, like our air diaphragm system, 12Volt Electric, or water booster we add 1/2 ounce per gallon of total mix.  So if we are batch mixing, say 100 gallons of mix, then we use 50 ounces of Dougie Fresh.  When using a mixing device, like a proportioner, regulator, or our own pro mix a lot, we siphon out of a five gallon bucket.  We will fill the bucket with water, and then add 2 ounces of the Dougie Fresh. I have found this to be the perfect mix for us.  Again you play with it and get it to work how you like.

Other things you will love about the best pressure washing soap I have ever used, is how nice the windows look.  I have had jobs where the bleach mix has dried on windows, and I apply the Dougie Fresh via down stream, and it completely removes the dried mix. Depending on the hardness of the water, the windows will sometimes be spot and streak free.

You can purchase the Dougie Fresh in one gallon or five gallon containers.  HERE is a link to the five gallon bucket. Buying it by the bucket, is like getting 1 gallon free. Don’t forget, if you are new to the business, check out our online video training.  It will drastically help cut the learning curve as you get started.

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